This is not about me and what services I can provide to you – this is about YOU. You are on this site because you require some form of general commercial or employment legal assistance. And I would love to provide that – to assist you with advice, guidance or drafting in relation to any aspect of general commercial or employment law. I want to provide you with assistance that is exactly on point to your requirements, delivered timeously and which reflects high levels of excellence and professionalism.

Importantly though, is that no matter what the nature of any transaction is, whether it involves corporate entities or individuals, it still all comes down to people. It is people that negotiate with each other, reach agreement and take decisions, even when acting on behalf of corporates or professional bodies. And so it is a real, personal relationship that I offer, where I can engage with you as a person, understand the legal requirements of you and/or your business, and provide you with legal services at the highest level.