Commercial Law Services

General Commercial Advice

Sale of Business / Sale of Shares Agreements

What legal issue do you need advice about in the business world? Your question may well be as unique as your business, or it may be a fairly common straightforward issue – either way, I can provide you with the information YOU need and not just provide you with some generic answer. Allow me to provide you with the general legal guidance you need, whether it’s about buying or selling a business, entering into a lease agreement, protecting your brand, or any other number of commercial issues you have questions about.  And if it’s reviewing or drafting of commercial-related agreements you’re needing, you’re in the right place.

You’re buying or selling a business, or the shares in a business – let’s make sure your interests are properly protected in the agreement. You will have different requirements depending on whether you’re the seller or the purchaser. I can review your agreement, or draft an agreement suited to your purposes. Let’s make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Website Documents

Shareholder Agreements

We’ve all seen those ‘legal notices’ at the bottom of websites – but why are they there? Many of them are required by law, so you have to have them. Don’t just go and do a ‘copy and paste’ from someone else’s website. Let’s chat about what YOUR business requires specifically, and prepare your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and other such documents tailored for you.

We like to think that a shareholder agreement may never need to be used – much like an Antenuptial Contract. When you go into business, often your co-shareholders are friends or respected associates and you think everything will always be able to be worked out easily and amicably. But you do need to know what your rights and obligations are as a shareholder, and make sure you are protected, particular regarding issues like appointing directors, conditions if you want to sell your shares and valuing the business. I’d like to draft a shareholders’ agreement for your business that is straightforward, but deals with all of your particular requirements and circumstances.